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Bankruptcy is designed to give you a fresh start.  It provides relief to hundreds of thousands of debtors each year in difficult financial circumstances.  If your debts are overwhelming, then Bankruptcy may be an option for you.

For many consumers, Bankruptcy can be broken down into two types:  Chapter 7  and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is called "liquidation" because the bankruptcy trustee can take and sell some of your property to repay some of your debt.  However, you may keep property that is protected under state and federal law.

Chapter 13  is the most common type of "reorganization" bankruptcies for individuals. In Chapter 13, you keep all of your property, but must make monthly payments over 3-5 years to repay all or some of your debt.

Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy have many rules and exceptions regarding which debts are covered, who can file, and what property you can and cannot keep.

Businesses usually file Chapter 11.  Depending on the nature of your business, there are different ways to proceed about the dissolution of a business.  We are here to help restructure your business or give you advice as to how to handle your business debt. 

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